About Us

Established in 2008, ACZ Consulting is a consulting company specialized in providing technical assistance and strategic consultancy services for the public administration, with a focus on supporting the planning and implementation of programs and projects financed by European funds.

Through the individual expertise of the team members and the experience gained over the years in the implementation of contracts for institutions and organizations in the public environment, framed on all levels of governance, ACZ Consulting has proven that it is an important actor involved in defining and planning the strategic development process at community, national, regional and local level.


Having a diversified academic training and extensive experience in evaluating public programs and policies, but also in carrying out studies and strategies for socio-economic development, providing specialized technical assistance and consultancy in order to develop the administrative capacity, the members of the ACZ Consulting team have acquired a deep understanding of the environment in which they operate, the main competitive advantages held being represented by solid knowledge, involvement and impartiality in the provision of services.


One of the main factors that ensure the successful implementation of the services provided is represented by the methodological approach. It focuses on three key aspects: to have the best chance of success, to contribute to achieving the proposed results and to achieving the objectives pursued.


The effectiveness of the methods used is generally directly proportional to three other aspects: scientific consensus, previous degree of success and adaptation to the specifics of each contract.


Constantly concerned with achieving the best results, ACZ Consulting pays close attention to communicating and understanding customer needs. The proactive communication also provides a high degree of coordination of the internal and external teams of experts involved, ensuring the smooth running of the contract activities.

Our culture

Diverse cultural perspectives can inspire creativity and stimulate innovation. Our organization is strengthened by the diversity of teams - be it cultural, professional or personal. They bring us unique language skills, new thinking perspectives, creative solutions to critical problems and global negotiation skills. At ACZ Consulting we promote an inclusive work place.

Work environment

Through its activity, ACZ Consulting contributes to the identification of solutions for the most pressing problems of the society, adapted according to the specifics of each contract. We strive to provide quality services that serve the needs of customers, but that also contribute to the professional and personal development of the team members. Our work environment is characterized by independence, impartiality and perseverance, aiming to meet any risks and unforeseen situations, through careful planning, communication and flexibility.
Ne străduim să oferim servicii de calitate, care să servească nevoilor clienților, dar care să contribuie, în același timp, la dezvoltarea profesională și personală a membrilor echipei.
Mediul nostru de lucru este caracterizat de independență, imparțialitate și perserverență, urmărind întâmpinarea oricăror riscuri și situații neprevăzute, prin planificare atentă, comunicare și flexibilitate.