Elaboration of policies and strategies

Among the services offered by ACZ Consulting is the elaboration of public policies, as response of the authorities to a specific problem existing at the level of society. Thus, the elaboration of public policies aims at identifying a set of solutions to the identified problems and selecting the most suitable alternative to solve the problem. The process of developing public policies is a complex process, involving several dimensions, mechanisms and actors, starting from the analysis of the problem and the formulation of public policy objectives and continuing with the formulation of solution options and the establishment of the impact of each option, including by consulting stakeholders, in order to select the optimal solution. Last but not least, a public policy document also contains an action plan for the implementation of the public policy proposal, with post-adoption measures. ACZ Consulting provides specialized consulting services to elaborate thematic analyzes, studies and local, regional or national strategies, with a role in the development and substantiation of public policies. Services are based on a holistic and integrated approach, incorporating, on the one hand, extensive research and analysis activities, but also key factors’ visions at territorial level. With over 10 years of experience in this field, our team of consultants offers strategic directions optimized according to territorial needs, as well as customized solutions for medium- and long-term development.

Socio-economic studies and research

ACZ Consulting offers socio-economic research services for public clients in various regions and at all levels of governance, conducting an extensive research process based on tested, recognized methods that have proven being effective in other contracts. The proposed methodological approach is appropriate for each type of client and their needs and the research methods developed over time by the company's staff represent the added value that differentiates us.

Implementation and monitoring of programmes and policies

Monitoring services for the development and implementation of public policies and programs offered by ACZ Consulting target various sectors such as agriculture, competitiveness, administrative capacity, environment, education, etc. Policy monitoring aims to improve policy information among stakeholders and the use of evaluation echniques to provide feedback and to reformulate and revise policies / programs according to the results obtained at a certain stage of their implementation.

Policies and programmes evaluation

One of the most important services offered by ACZ Consulting is the evaluation of policies and programmes. The programme evaluations are carried out in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation No. 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, aiming to improve the quality of the elaboration and implementation of the programmes, as well as to appreciate their effectiveness, efficiency and impact. The evaluations are carried out by internal or external experts that are impartial and functionally independent from the authorities responsible for implementing the programmes and who have experience and solid knowledge in the field. The individual experience of our team members, together with important partnerships concluded with specialized companies from other countries, has led ACZ Consulting to become one key actor in the market of policy and programme evaluation, both in Romania and in other EU member states. Thus, the evaluations carried out cover all types of programme evaluation, from ex-ante evaluation (carried out in order to increase the quality of programme development), to on-going evaluation (carried out in order to improve the programme implementation) or ex-post evaluation (aimed at identifying the impact and the actual results of completed programmes and the factors of success or failure). Our evaluation services are based on both quantitative and qualitative methods, validated by our previous experiences, but in the same time adapted and improved according to the specificity of each contract.

Project management

ACZ Consulting offers management consulting services for a variety of projects by assisting its clients (public or private entities) to proper implement their projects and to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management. In these terms, ACZ Consulting gives its clients an adequate level of professionalism, by providing the necessary leadership and management tools, resources and knowledge that enables the achievement of project objective and results and/or the implementation of the organizations’ strategy.

In delivering quality project management services, ACZ Consulting relies on a vast experience gained by implementing a large spectrum of projects, on its knowledge of the “programme level” needs and expectations, on a multidisciplinary team of experts and collaborators and on methodologies, procedures and processes that are robust and which enable control, governance and transparency from the inception to the completion of the project.

One of the main keys to successful project management is information, that’s why ACZ Consulting pays a special attention to get informed, to ensure the accuracy of data collected and reported and to maintaining a permanent communication with all the relevant actors involved in project implementation.

State Aid

ACZ Consulting provides support and assistance to public administrations at national and European level for compliance with the EU state aid legislation. At the same time, our assistance is also available to private beneficiaries (companies, NGOs, universities, etc.), who need guidance in complying with the rules in the field of SA and / or in the implementation of project management procedures that fall under the incidence of SA. Thus, the services we provide support the definition of state aid schemes for enterprises, and the development of state aid procedures in the management of publicly funded programmes and the introduction of specific SA related elements in the selection, monitoring and control procedures of projects, for managing authorities.